A platform powering a new generation of financial AI advisors

Interactive textual conversation with users

When you type a question, it responds to you, as if you were just texting your friend. Users have an experience where they’re interacting with an intelligent assistant as if it’s another person.

Listening and understanding

When you ask a question, it understands the voice commands, and acts based on your suggestions. It understands the meaning of the words and how they apply in inter context like personal finance.

Understanding financial documents

It uses the camera to read and analyze your contracts. It extracts the crucial information, summarizes them and presents proposal, just as if an experienced financial advisor would analyze it.

Where are we now

More Money is part of Huge Thing accelerator program since May 2017, carried out in cooperation with Alior Bank within the ScaleUp program – supported by the Polish Agency for Enterprise Development.

Visit our office at the Brain Embassy
Aleje Jerozolimskie 181b Warsaw, Poland

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